Friday, December 12, 2008

A very adult post for a tween-centric blog!

Vanessa's already been naked on the internet, and Disney still dragged her back for HSM3. Zef apparently tried like whoa to get out of the movie until they coughed up a lot of cash, but now there are those rumors about HSM4. Perhaps he and V are still worried about getting dragged back in to teeny franchise hell, because this happened:

Yeah, that's Zef and Vanessa posing with a fan. In a sex toy shop. While he wears a particularly tool-ish hat. Check the rundown of the toys in the background here at Defamer.

Hat tip to our BFF Margot.


Jessica said...

I'm more disappointed that they're clearly in a crappy sex shop.

Anonymous said...

I feel like i should be shocked or something, but honestly my first reaction was something along the lines of 'lol'

Anonymous said...

I just love that they could not look less enthused; even Vanessa, through her sunglasses, is radiating displeasure. I guess if you're famous, 'sex shop' would make the top ten list of places you'd prefer not to be recognized.

God, even looking at this pictures is so awkward. It's like catching 50 Cent in the Disney Store or something.