Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From the Bad Idea Files

You guys know how much I love High School Musical. And how much I love La Tizz, and how many ridiculous (and downright terrible) things I will watch for her. Heck, I'm even planning to watch her (presumably) terrible CW show about cheerleading with Aly Michalka. Okay, actually, I'm pretty psyched about that.

The point is: Tiz iss talented! She's sassy! I'd watch her in anything.

But just because I'd watch it doesn't make Sharpay's Fabulous Adventures anything other than a TERRRRRRRIBLE idea. For serious.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Who woulda thought that a boy like him...

In the last few months, basically since the I Kissed a Vampire travesty premiered, I've become extremely fond of Drew Seeley. As I said at the time, he was the only part of IKAV that I actually liked. Afterwards, I watched a few (okay, all) of his YouTube videos and started reading his twitter. And I admit, I was totally charmed by his frequent posting from Starbucks, his adorable curly hair, and his overall, fairly-talented-but-normal-ish-seeming-guy-ness. A lot of that has to do with him coming across as actually pretty clued in to who and where he is in life; he's not famous, but he's talented and lucky enough to be able to do what he wants. I very much appreciate that.

So today he launched his new website. Have a shrunk-down screencap:

And it just leaves me wondering why a guy who seems otherwise pretty clue-full is apparently wearing the boy-version of a Hannah Montana wig and holding a prop guitar. Really, Drew???

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Winning Strategy

Confession time: I have found Miley really annoying lately.

Oh, she's still a great singer! But the pole dancing and the Noah Cyrus controversies and the everything she says coming out vapid and spoiled and the hey hey...it's really turned me off to La Cyrus. So I was surprised today when I read something that made Miley come off as charming and likable as she used to, before she conquered the Earth: an interview with her and Nicholas Sparks, whose book is the basis of her new movie, The Last Song.

I mean, she doesn't say much of anything in the article. But Sparks comes off as so condescending, arrogant, and unbelievably, ludicrously full of himself (he compares himself to Sophocles and Hemingway, then cites his own book as his favorite "tale of youth"), that Miley, by contrast, appears to be a treasure of good humor, cute teenage-ness, and self-awareness.

Clearly, Miley's new gameplan is simple: just hang out with people who are so reprehensible they make her look really good by contrast. (Confidential to Miley: This doesn't work when that person is Paris Hilton.) Good luck, Smiley!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obligatory Post

Zac Efron's hair at the Oscars: bringing tooliness to a whole new level. Wow.

In profile:

As always, thanks to JJJ.

Friday, March 5, 2010

We need to talk.

Sterling. Honey.

You are a talented kid. I really like you! I like you 17 Again. I love you in Sonny With a Chance. I enjoy when you babble about Power Rangers and actually play guitar.

But do you know what you're bad at?

Playing a pop star.

So please don't do that agai....

God damn it.

Never mind.