Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camp Rock Night: A Night of Pain

Starring your bloggers, Jess and Becky, with special guest star Becky's Sister Rachel.

Did you watch Camp Rock? We did!

Do you bitterly regret it? We do!

The plot, such as it is: Demi Lovato rilly rilly wants to go to Camp Rock, but her parents can’t afford it – until her mother takes a job working as the chef there, yays! Meanwhile, “rock star” Shane Gray, a.k.a. Peter Gallagher-Looking Jonas, is…teaching classes at the camp? Which he used to attend? To clean up his “bad boy” image that he earned doing unspecified bad things? Whatever. Even though Alyson Stoner is ready to have gay sex with Demi the minute she walks into the camp, Demi wants to be accepted by the popular kids, consisting of a blond alpha bitch and her HaraGossip Girls, so she lies and tells them her mother is a bigshot music exec in China. Also, PGL hears her singing and falls in love with her voice, but can’t find her anywhere! Oh noes!

Demi doesn’t put up with PGL’s shit and he finds that refreshing and they fall in love, or something. There’s also a scene where she covers her face in flour to disguise herself, and it’s never made clear whether he knows it’s her or not. It’s really, really stupid. Blondie finds out the truth about Demi’s mom and reveals it to the camp, and frames her for stealing Blondie’s charm bracelet, which seems like overkill to me, but whatever. It does get Demi banned from the big end-of-summer performance competition. One of Blondie’s sidekicks tells Blondie to go fuck herself and then wins the competition, and then Demi performs her Big Song, and PGL forgives her for lying about being rich and they hold hands. The end!

7:54 Becky has already screamed "Oh my God I hate you" at Peter Gallagher-Looking Jonas, and the movie hasn't even started yet.

7:58 A preview for Camp Rock plays, just in case you somehow didn't know what was going to be on now.

Rachel: Now I know the whole movie.

7:59 The CR kids are sitting around in a room. A Jonas is playing the bongos.

Rachel: Bongos? Really? The bongos?

Jess: What is on Peter Gallagher-Looking Jonas's head?

Becky: A cockatoo?

8:00 We open with an establishing shot of a beautiful suburban house.

Becky: Isn't that the house where Troy lives?

Demi wakes up, smiles with all eight million of her teeth, puts on a CD, and jumps around.

Rachel: Who still makes mix CDs? Who doesn't just download mp3s? Oh, I guess Miss Perky Pajama Pants doesn't.

Jess: She's not as endearing as she's trying so hard to be.

Becky: But she's genuine. You can tell because she's a brunette.


Rachel: Hee hee hee! Look at the moody Peter Gallagher eyebrows.

8:03 Demi wants to go to Camp Rock.

Mom: We just can't swing it right now.

Becky: Really? Because I saw the exterior of your house.

Rachel: But they're just renting it from the Boltons.

Demi: Gotta go, last day of school.

Rachel: Why it always the motherfucking last day of school?

8:05 Demi goes to school for no reason and hangs out with her friend, Worst Friend Ever.
Worst Friend Ever: *is the worst friend ever*

8:06 The mom is the cook for Camp Rock now, so Demi's going to Camp Rock!

Becky: Wouldn't they have known about this MONTHS in advance?

Rachel: What ninth or tenth grader wouldn't be mortified by having her mom be a chef at the rock and roll camp she wants to go to?

Now we're at Camp Rock. Surprise!

Becky: Why did that kid just do a backflip?

Jess: Children are gyrating. I find it disconcerting.

8:09 We meet the camp director. He's Australian, so we'll call him Oz.

Oz: I'm a former member of the [band name we don’t quite catch].

Jess: The WHITE Crows?

Rachel: The WET Crows?

Oz: *pretends to be important*

Mom: You know Aerosmith?

Rachel: He doesn't know Aerosmith! He doesn't know ANYONE! Well, he might know the Jonas Brothers. Do not sleep with him.

Demi bumps into the villain of the piece.

Evil Blonde Girl: *is evil*

Becky: You, madam, are no Sharpay Evans.

Adorable Alyson Stoner shows up. Usually we love her, but she's terrible in this movie, I guess to make everyone else feel better. She's a dancer, so they decided to showcase her skills by making her…a music producer.

Alyson: (on Blondie) She's the diva of Camp Rock.

Jess: "And I'm clearly the eclectic outsider!"

Rachel: How is there only one diva at a performing arts camp?

8:12 A way-too-excited woman introduces herself as…Dia La Duke, I’m pretty sure. Some boys appear out of nowhere and start dancing.

Becky: Oh, I get it! It's a crack hallucination!

Rachel: Those shorts certainly are.

8:13 They’re making PGL Jonas teach at camp, for some reason.

PGL: I don't want to spend my summer at some stupid camp! I'm SHANE GRAY, for crying out loud!

Rachel: Never have eyebrows emoted so hard.

Extra: This is where Connect Three connected.

That line: *was amazing*

Extra: Oh, and can you make me a birdhouse or something?

Jess: Is he stoned?

Rachel: He's totally stoned!

Jess: He's my new favorite!

8:18 Demi is snubbed by Blondie and her friends.

Becky: So she's sad because she doesn't get to be a snotty bitch?

Rachel: No, she has to go play piano alone in a room somewhere, so PGL can overhear her and spend the whole summer being like "BUT WHO?"

8:19 Extra and Adopted Jonas drop PGL off at camp.

Jess: They left? They just left him?

Rachel: They hate him too!

8:21 Demi goes to play piano alone in a room somewhere. PGL overhears her.


Your Reviewers: *laugh till they cry*

8:23 Some random girl sings a song at one of Camp Rock’s nightly impromptu performances. It’s terrible.

Jess: Film rant time! If you open the movie with a non-diagetic musical number, the diagetic ones that follow will all look like drug trips. Although I supposed these outfits don't help that.

8:25 Plot: *craps itself all over the screen*

Here follows a ten minute discussion of how Disney doesn't understand class issues. Basically people whose father owns a hardware store and whose mother runs her own catering business and who live in a beautiful suburban mini-mansion are not tragically poor, and even if they were, no one would react the way they do in this movie.

8:27 Ashley from Hannah Montana is basically continuing to play Ashley from Hannah Montana, except this version can sing (for definitions of “can sing” that mean “cannot sing”). Why won’t Disney let Asian girls be smart? Do they think they are fighting prejudice this way or something?

Mom: Can you believe none of these cookbooks have recipe for chili for 300?

Rachel: You don't know how to make chili?

Jess: You don't know how to multiply?

Becky: You're a caterer and you've never cooked for a large crowd before?


8:30 Blondie’s mommy doesn’t love her.

Jess and Becky: Awww.

Don’t worry. We still don’t like her. Also…

Jess: What the fuck kind of bunk has glass windows and throw rugs?

8:32 Rachel: I hate this movie.

Jess: What happened to the Jonas who was abandoned in the woods? Has he been eaten by a bear?

Rachel: He's still in that room yelling "BUT WHO?"

8:33 Rachel: Okay, Alyson Stoner has a thing for Demi, right?

Becky and Jess: Yes.

Alyson: So your music - is it any good?

Rachel: "I love you."

Alyson: So I'll see you around.

Rachel: "I love you."

8:34 PGL Jonas is cruelly awoken by Oz, who tells him he has a class to teach in five minutes.

Jess: Ugh, the Jonas is in his underwear.

Oz throws water on PGL.

Rachel: Ugh, now the Jonas is wet and in his underwear.

8:36 Oz: Don't argue with finger.

Your Reviewers: WHAT?

Becky: I liked this scene better when it was in Sister Act.

8:38 Demi has her OH MY GOD SHE’S SO TALENTED WE HAD NO IDEA LOL moment. (She isn’t, actually, that talented.)

Becky: She sings like Miley acts in the first season of Hannah Montana, where no one told her there was a difference between acting and yelling.

Jess: This scene has killed me. I'm dead now.

8:39 Demi is “working” (for the same definition of “work” employed (ha!) by the HSM kids) in the kitchen. PGL walks in.


Your Reviewers: *laugh for ten minutes*

Demi: *covers her face with flour for NO GODDAMN REASON*

PGL: *yells at her about his very important food allergies*

Rachel: He's not gonna recognize her later because she's not going to be covered in flour. I just want to make sure you guys know that.

Becky: Also, he has very important food allergies.

Jess: There's nothing manlier than important food allergies.

Becky: And tight white jeans.

Rachel: Well, you could probably fit a finger in there.

Jess: Why would you say that to us? People you supposedly like?

8:44 PGL heads off to teach his class.

Rachel: Wasn't his class ages ago? Days ago?

8:45 The “class” begins.

Rachel: Bring back stoned Jonas! I want to know more about the birdhouse.

PGL’s Pants: *make Your Reviewers cover their eyes*

8:46 Becky: Okay, they painted those pants onto him, and it's not okay. Those aren't even jeans. They're leggings with pockets.

Jess: PGL can't dance. Why are they doing this horrible routine?

PGL: *is suddenly so gay for some drumming kid, what the hell*

8:50 Mom: *apparently wants Demi to date girls, okay*

8:52 Rachel: Blondie is the extremely low, low rent Amanda Bynes.

8:55 Girls: *throw spaghetti at each other for no reason*

Rachel: No one has any sauce for this spaghetti. They should complain to the caterer.

Oz: *uses the Finger*

Jess: Is he going to make the three of them spend the rest of the summer in the isolation cabin and then they're going to discover that they're twins?

8:57 PGL sings a stupid song to Demi.

Becky: Full of hate full of hate full of hate full of hate…

Jess: Who is singing backup with him? Are they on the lake?

Becky: The other Jonii are naiads!

Jess: I want them to paddle by in kayaks, singing.

Rachel: Okay, but this makes no sense, because the scene before was totally incoherent. She was like "That's good," and he was like "WHAT THAN MY STUPID COOKIE-CUTTER POP MUSIC?" and she was like "I like that music" and then he was like I LOVE YOU. Also, why did she go over there with her guitar in the first place? He clearly didn't want to jam with her.

Jess: PGL and Demi can't jam together. They can EAT jam together.

[Pause to wash dishes and order food. The timestamps are now totally inaccurate. Sorry.]

9:16 Jess: Do they not know it's summer? Because everyone keeps wearing boots.

Demi is mean to Alyson, but redeems herself by also being mean to Blondie.

Rachel: What an odd moral. We learned that it's okay to be mean as long you're mean to everyone. Then you get to date a Jonas Brother, which I guess is God's punishment to you for being mean to everyone.

9:19 Alyson (who got punished for sauceless spaghetti-throwing by being forced to work in the kitchen and DISCOVERED DEMI’S SECRET ZOMG) and Demi are blowing up balloons and laughing. Demi ditches Alyson for Blondie. Alyson’s balloon deflates.

Jess: Aw, sad lesbian balloon.

Becky: Wait, so Alyson does work and Demi totally doesn't?

9:21 The other Jonii show up! Well, via the phone.

Stoner Jonas: How's my birdhouse coming?

Your Reviewers: YAY!

Stoner Jonas: I want more birds in my -


Meanwhile, back at camp…

PGL: BUT WHO? *grabs the Little Drummer Boy* Hey buddy, want to do me a favor?

Jess: Is it a SEX FAVOR?

Rachel: Is it “be my boyfriend?”

Becky: Is it “put your penis in my butt?”

Jess: Oh man, now he's making the whole camp BUT WHO? Hey, that one girl's at camp for Tambourine. "Yeah, I majored in Tambourine at camp."

Rachel: "I'm a camp legend."

9:25 This love story is intolerable.

9:28 The other Jonii finally show up at camp.

Becky: Oh, thank God, Stoner Jonas is back.

9:32 Becky: So we have Jonas Who Knows Things, Jonas Who Doesn't Know Things, and Jonas Who's an Asshole?

Blondie: So tell us about your mom again.

Alyson: Oh, her mom's a good person. What's your mom like, random dancer?

Random Dancer: *with thinly veiled contempt* She's like…a mom.

That: *is the best non-birdhouse-related line in the movie*

9:36 PGL’s heart is broken because Demi’s NOT RICH. He pretends not to care.

PGL: I don't want to get sidetracked with liking someone anyway.

Jess: He's never going to like anyone ever?

Rachel: Well, he is Jonas Who's an Asshole.

9:38 Everyone hates Demi!

Jess: Well, she did pretend to be rich. That is the worst thing you can ever do.

9:39 Everyone forgives Demi, because she’s talented.

Jess: So the moral of the movie is "It's okay not to be rich, as long as you're talented."

Demi: I'm a good person!


9:45 It’s time for Final Jam! Yay, I guess.

Becky: Oh hey, that's where Corbin did double dutch!

9:50 Oz talks.

Jess: I have no idea what he just said, but I hated all of it.

9:55 Blondie performs after being deserted by her ethnic sidekicks.

Jess: Why is she dressed like an ice skater?

9:56: Oz: Margaret Dupree!

Ashley from Hannah Montana: Who's Margaret Dupree?

Blondie’s Moody Black Sidekick: I am.

Becky: Wait, did she not have a name before?


Becky: Did she have an emotional arc we missed?

Rachel: I'm telling you, every single person is in a different movie!

There are like ten songs in a row.

Jess: Okay, musicals aren't supposed to have ALL THE SONGS IN THE SAME PLACE.

10:01 Demi sings! Like omg!


10:02 They “sing” a duet.

Becky: So at least PGL is used to lip synching. That was me burning the Jonas Brothers.

Jess: Oh. I thought you meant back when only Nick was famous and he would sit alone in his room, crying and mouthing along to Nick's Christian rock album wishing he was Nick.

Becky: We know way too much about the Jonas Brothers.

10:05 The movie is finally, mercifully over.

Becky: This makes High School Musical look like…

Rachel: Singin' in the Rain?

Jess: That was worse than White Wolves, the standard by which all bad movies are set. Wow.

Becky: There was not one good thing you could say about it. That was a failure in every conceivable way.

So there you have it, folks. Camp Rock: The Worst Movie Ever. We suffered, yes – but we did it for you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meet the Jonii

People often ask me who the Jonas Brothers are, and why they should hate them. “Jess,” they said, “who are the Jonas Brothers, and why should I hate them?” [Note: This may never have actually happened.]

“Because they’re despicable,” I say. “Despicable!”

“Do you have pictorial evidence of such despicability?” they ask me.

“Do I!” I say. It is rhetorical. Of course I do! And with the much-anticipated Camp Rock premiering this Friday night (and being liveblogged right here at Tweenage Wasteland!), I feel it is high time I shared that evidence with you.

The Jonas Brothers used to be real boys:

See? They could be those guys in your math class. The one on the right looks kind of like an asshole, but whatever. Mostly they are just some boys.

But oh, that did not last.

This is one of their albums. I think it's their second one, but I don't actually care. Now we can really Meet the Jonii.

On the left, we have Extra Jonas. He is a completely superfluous Jonas, hence the name. Extra, as you can see, thinks he is a cowboy. He is incorrect.

In the middle, we have Adopted Jonas, also known as Least Detestable Jonas. He's also the only one we ever refer to by his name (Nick) because he is least detestable. Most of the time, like here, he's just a guy wearing a shirt and maybe holding a guitar. He never dresses up like Zorro or a gay futuristic swing dancer. He's just a guy in a shirt. (He is also not adopted, as far as we know. We just call him that because we can tolerate him, and not the other two, so clearly they do not share the same genes!)

And on the left, we have Peter Gallagher-Looking Jonas, also known as Most Detestable Jonas. I thought that was a coat over his shoulder, but after looking at other pictures from this photoshoot, I'm pretty sure it's a cape. That ought to tell you everything you need to know about Peter Gallagher-Looking Jonas.

Then they shilled for Baby Bottle Pops. (Yet for some reason, they seem to think they are hardcore.) Extra continues to think he is a cowboy, perhaps crossed with a cockatoo. PGL pretty much always looks like he's trying to sell me a used car or some hair gel. Adopted Jonas clearly doesn't want to be there.

YOU'RE NOT A COWBOY, EXTRA. PGL looks like the snotty rich kid in a movie who won't let you join the yacht club.

What. WHAT. This is so wrong. (Except for Adopted Jonas, who actually looks kind of endearing to me, although that may just be because he's wearing almost the same outfit as one of my favorite comic book characters did in his 80s heyday.)

You're still not a cowboy, Extra. Oh, and PGL? Liza Minelli called. She wants her jacket back.

...Meanwhile, Adopted's just a guy with a shirt.

GOD, I just want to PUNCH PGL right in his STUPID FACE ALL THE TIME. Extra often has this expression, this "Hey, wow! I'm on the teevee!" face. He also seems to think that if he perms his hair he'll be less detestable, like Adopted, but he's wrong. Both about that, and about those seriously misguided sideburns of his.

...Meanwhile, Adopted's...okay, he's a guy in a rawhide vest, but you get the feeling it wasn't his idea.

Now he's a guy in a shirt way high up!

SO SMARMY. And I'm not a boy, so I'm no expert, but jeans that tight (white jeans? WHITE JEANS?) CAN'T be comfortable. They just can't.

SO FUCKING SMARMY. Cut your hair, flat iron boy.

Extra, on the other hand, just seems so terribly misguided all the time. A blue shirt and an ill-fitting cardigan in a different shade of blue, with a green and pink striped tie and tight turquoise jeans? He looks like the women's section of J. Crew threw up on him. And the perm and the's all very sad.

And why does he keep taking pictures of himself bending over? It's...disconcerting. It's like the cheeriest invitation to sodomy ever.

Even when they make Adopted wear a hat and a vest, he clearly hates it. He just wants to wear a shirt and hold a guitar and have some hair! That's all!

But lest I ever forget that I hate all the Jonii, not just two of them, I have this picture to remind me:

OH MY GOD ADOPTED JONAS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR LEGS? Stacey McGill is gonna be PISSED that you stole her favorite leggings. And you can't tell from this picture, but there's totally a half-naked man, possibly Prince, on his shirt. Um. I think I know why he and Miley broke up now.

And now at last we come to the Camp Rock promo pictures. We all know the drill by now, don't we? Extra thinks he's a cowboy (he's not). PGL thinks he's a rock star (he's not). Adopted is a guy in a shirt with a guitar and some hair. Cinematic wonderment!

Why is PGL wearing one of my mom's DISHCLOTHS from the EIGHTIES as a TANK TOP? It makes me cry in my insides. Also, Adopted apparently thinks PGL smells bad. I bet he's right.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Smarm/Charm Divide - Just West of Vapid Chasm

Jess: *looking at a picture of a Jonas Brother* Ugh, he's so smarmy.

Rebecca: Yeah, they ooze smarm. Not charm. That could be their new motto!

Jess: Smarm Not Charm. It's close - only two letters wrong. But it's not the same.

Rebecca: Well, that's Zac Efron's problem, in that he lives at the Smarm/Charm divide.

Jess: Okay, I have to blog this right now.

I Hear They Had A Bunch of Hits?

How about a short trip down memory lane? TW may be devoted to today's heartthrobs, but we do have some sense of historical perspective. And I have to say, I am fascinated by the New Kids on the Block reunion, and I can't wait to see if a bunch of middle aged dudes can actually win the hearts and minds of today's tweenagers.

At least NKOTB aren't pretending they're still in any way hip:

So you'll forgive Jordan Knight, of the newly reunited senior citizens of boy-band-dom, New Kids on the Block, when he speaks of a "new CD" coming out in the fall, or of the band's new single called "Summertime" that's "climbing the charts." It's quaint, but somewhat antiquated language.

"Wait! Do they even have 'charts' anymore?" chimes in Donnie Wahlberg. "No, it's 'we put our song into a computer bank. And you can go download it onto your — your not Walkman."

(From here, wherein the Kids talk to that almost equally middle aged guy at MTV. The one who isn't Kurt Loder.)

So speaking of Summertime, here we go:

Oh, man. I kind of love it. Most especially I love the half-hearted attempt of choreography at the end. It's very, "Look, we know we have to dance, that's what the kids expect. Damn kids with their rock and roll turned up too loud. Get off my lawn!" On second thought, maybe they should have just stuck with the New Kids Dance.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yeah, I'm Not Surprised

Via Gawker, Zac Efron Skips the Shower. An anonymous tipster say:

"Zac isn't a big fan of showering," a set insider tells Star.

"It's so gross, because Zac loves to work out and plays basketball all the time — and then goes days without showering. When he gets lazy, he likes to clean himself with baby wipes!"

Star wonders what Vanessa thinks. Hmm, hmm, hmm.

An Informal Tweenage Poll:
Who told Star that Zac doesn't shower?
a) Lucas and Monique -- they think this shit is hilarious
b) Corbin -- if no one likes Zef anymore, perhaps they'll love him best!*
c) Mitchell Musso -- he was on set fetching sandwiches, and Zef overshared
d) Vanessa herself -- passive-aggression is so hot right now

Weigh in in the comments.

*I already do, Corbin!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BREAKING NEWS! Ryan Evans is Gay! Also the Sun is Hot and the Sky is Blue!

I got frantic voicemail from Jess this afternoon, demanding I call her immediately because there was big HSM news and we needed to discuss ASAP. Of course I dropped everything to call her back (I don't mess around when there's big HSM news!), leading to the following conversation:

Me: Stop squeaking, I can't understand you! What is going on?

Jess: Ryan! Is gay!

Me: I know!

Jess: You read the article?

Me: What article? I watched the movies.

Jess: In the stage version, Ryan is out! And so far Disney hasn't sued anyone!

Me: YAY!

So here is the article, and in all honesty, I'm too pleased to really snark on it properly. It's not exactly a secret that I think Ryan is totally gay, and this time I'm not even making things up.

Kudos to David Simpatico for making fact what we have all known in our hearts and also brains because, let us face it, it has never exactly been subtle.


Meanwhile, Tizz doesn't understand that playing what's become a total joke song straight is a TERRIBLE IDEA. Especially when you can't sing as well as Rick Astley and change the words so that it doesn't rhyme anymore.

Look, I love Tizz more than is sane or healthy, but the girl doesn't make good choices.

"The greatest collaboration of all time ever made!"

I am so in love with this, you guys. Allow me to present an enumerated list of why!

1. Mitchel! Who knew Mitchel could actually kind of sing? He's sort of dorkily adorable here and I don't know why. I particularly enjoy the line about his handsomeness or lack thereof (although I've seen Metro Station in concert and he is definitely the more attractive Musso). Oh, Mitchel. You can get me a sandwich anyday.

2. Emily! We love Emily here at TW, because she's a) adorable and b) consistently duking it out with Jason Earles for Best Actor on Hannah Montana (although of course on HM "Best Actor" is pretty much synonymous with "Capable of Acting"). The question of whether Emily can actually sing has been tossed back and forth between me and Rebecca since she released the overproduced "I Don't Think About It," which was further complicated by her sounding briefly good in the HM episode "dub." "If I Didn't Have You" has chosen not to clarify the matter, once again overproducing Emily's voice until it sounds like a duet between Mitchel Musso and His Tiny Robot Friend, but that's a hilarious effect, so I don't mind. Plus, look how cute she is! Look!

3. The song itself. It's originally from the Monsters, Inc. soundtrack and was sung by Mike and Sully (Billy Crystal and John Goodman, respectively). I really like pop versions of Disney songs when they're done well (Disney Channel Circle of Stars' "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" = good; Selena Gomez's "Cruella DeVille" = bad), and I honestly think this is more fun than the original, which is mostly banter sort of kind of set to music. Can you chew scenery in a recording studio?

4. The dancing. Also the fact that Emily and Mitchel yell "Let's dance!" and then don't. Listen to your words, guys!

5. The outfits. I am blind now, but in a good way. It's like radioactive popsicles on parade.

In conclusion, I love this, and will now listen to it ten times.

May I suggest Jason Earles singing "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide" for the next pop remix? He is tiny like a cricket, do you see? Call me, Disney!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Open Letter

Dear Disney,

Look, I think the whole thing where you have some of your stable of children record a song and do a video and intersperse it with movie clips is a cute, fun way of promoting both the kids in question and whatever horrible DCOM you're hoping they'll watch. But look. I'm already planning to watch Camp Rock, even though it has the Jonas Brothers, who I hate with the fiery passion of a million, billion suns. And I get that you're hoping it will be your next HSM-type hit, and that your goal is to make it impossible for me to stop humming Camp Rock.

But can we please at least keep this shit confined to your own station? I do not need to see the Jonii when I am innocently watching cartoons! Batman: The Animated Series is definitely not enhanced by children chanting, "We rock! We rock! We rock! CAMP ROCK!" Seriously. It kind of ruins the mood.


PS: Speaking of the "Disney star/mediocre song/terrible video with clips from a DCOM" formula, I direct everyone to Run It Back Again. Lord knows I love Corbin a lot, but everything about it is bad. Except for the moral, which seems to be, "Corbin is too stupid to open doors." Oh, Corbin.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Just for you, Jess...

You know, we may just need a category titled "Stupid Pictures of Zac Efron..." (From here.)