Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BREAKING NEWS! Ryan Evans is Gay! Also the Sun is Hot and the Sky is Blue!

I got frantic voicemail from Jess this afternoon, demanding I call her immediately because there was big HSM news and we needed to discuss ASAP. Of course I dropped everything to call her back (I don't mess around when there's big HSM news!), leading to the following conversation:

Me: Stop squeaking, I can't understand you! What is going on?

Jess: Ryan! Is gay!

Me: I know!

Jess: You read the article?

Me: What article? I watched the movies.

Jess: In the stage version, Ryan is out! And so far Disney hasn't sued anyone!

Me: YAY!

So here is the article, and in all honesty, I'm too pleased to really snark on it properly. It's not exactly a secret that I think Ryan is totally gay, and this time I'm not even making things up.

Kudos to David Simpatico for making fact what we have all known in our hearts and also brains because, let us face it, it has never exactly been subtle.

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