Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"The greatest collaboration of all time ever made!"

I am so in love with this, you guys. Allow me to present an enumerated list of why!

1. Mitchel! Who knew Mitchel could actually kind of sing? He's sort of dorkily adorable here and I don't know why. I particularly enjoy the line about his handsomeness or lack thereof (although I've seen Metro Station in concert and he is definitely the more attractive Musso). Oh, Mitchel. You can get me a sandwich anyday.

2. Emily! We love Emily here at TW, because she's a) adorable and b) consistently duking it out with Jason Earles for Best Actor on Hannah Montana (although of course on HM "Best Actor" is pretty much synonymous with "Capable of Acting"). The question of whether Emily can actually sing has been tossed back and forth between me and Rebecca since she released the overproduced "I Don't Think About It," which was further complicated by her sounding briefly good in the HM episode "dub." "If I Didn't Have You" has chosen not to clarify the matter, once again overproducing Emily's voice until it sounds like a duet between Mitchel Musso and His Tiny Robot Friend, but that's a hilarious effect, so I don't mind. Plus, look how cute she is! Look!

3. The song itself. It's originally from the Monsters, Inc. soundtrack and was sung by Mike and Sully (Billy Crystal and John Goodman, respectively). I really like pop versions of Disney songs when they're done well (Disney Channel Circle of Stars' "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" = good; Selena Gomez's "Cruella DeVille" = bad), and I honestly think this is more fun than the original, which is mostly banter sort of kind of set to music. Can you chew scenery in a recording studio?

4. The dancing. Also the fact that Emily and Mitchel yell "Let's dance!" and then don't. Listen to your words, guys!

5. The outfits. I am blind now, but in a good way. It's like radioactive popsicles on parade.

In conclusion, I love this, and will now listen to it ten times.

May I suggest Jason Earles singing "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide" for the next pop remix? He is tiny like a cricket, do you see? Call me, Disney!

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Rebecca said...

To use a stolen joke, being the best actor on HSM is rather like being the tallest hobbit...