Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Hear They Had A Bunch of Hits?

How about a short trip down memory lane? TW may be devoted to today's heartthrobs, but we do have some sense of historical perspective. And I have to say, I am fascinated by the New Kids on the Block reunion, and I can't wait to see if a bunch of middle aged dudes can actually win the hearts and minds of today's tweenagers.

At least NKOTB aren't pretending they're still in any way hip:

So you'll forgive Jordan Knight, of the newly reunited senior citizens of boy-band-dom, New Kids on the Block, when he speaks of a "new CD" coming out in the fall, or of the band's new single called "Summertime" that's "climbing the charts." It's quaint, but somewhat antiquated language.

"Wait! Do they even have 'charts' anymore?" chimes in Donnie Wahlberg. "No, it's 'we put our song into a computer bank. And you can go download it onto your — your not Walkman."

(From here, wherein the Kids talk to that almost equally middle aged guy at MTV. The one who isn't Kurt Loder.)

So speaking of Summertime, here we go:

Oh, man. I kind of love it. Most especially I love the half-hearted attempt of choreography at the end. It's very, "Look, we know we have to dance, that's what the kids expect. Damn kids with their rock and roll turned up too loud. Get off my lawn!" On second thought, maybe they should have just stuck with the New Kids Dance.


Ava said...

It's okay to love it. I love it too. It's just really difficult to get most 20 & 30 something to take NKOTB seriously because their minds have been biased by the past. Thanks for keeping an open mind about it.

Jessica said...

I don't know what you're talking about, Rebecca. The best part is clearly the beginning, where they show off how Hip and With It they are by TEXTING EACH OTHER. Do you see how they are just like the kids? They are going to meet at Hollister and listen to Solja Boy now, bbl.