Friday, September 25, 2009

Round Up

Some brief happenings, mostly but not exclusively featuring the HSM alum crowd, because even as HSM's stranglehold on tween culture fades, they remain my favorites:

* Lucas Grabeel (and Drew "Singing Voice of Zac Efron" Seeley) are making a musical vampire love story webseries.

* Tizz is blond again! For the most part, she's been looking awesome lately, but at the Fame premier, not so much.

* Corbin's motocross movie finally premiered. Meanwhile, The Beautiful Life-Colon-TBL also premiered. Thing I love about it: Corbin wandering around with no pants on. Things I am bored to tears by: virtually everything else. Alas.

* And finally, Sterling Knight gets a DCOM scheduled for next year. Hooray! (And yes, I read Popstar Online for this blog.)

And because what the heck, it's Friday, have a flashback:

O-Town: Liquid Dreams

Not gonna lie. I watched every episode of their two seasons of Making the Band.


Tessa said...

Oh, Lucas. As much as I love vampires. And as much as I love musicals. And as much as I love you... why?
You know I'll buy it, but still... you could be doing so much more. Like Drew. Look at him, successfully on Broadway... oops. His show closed. Nevermind.

Megan Stacey said...

Poll: Do you think Drew is more famous for being on Broadway, or for being the voice of Zac Efron?

Rebecca said...

I don't think Drew is particularly famous, either way.

Megan Stacey said...

Just stumbled across this today, with an update! Drew Seeley recently appeared AS AN ORDINARY CONTESTANT on an episode of MTV's My Own (in this case, he was competing to become some girl's Adam Levine). He won, of course. Because he's Drew Seeley.

But is he seriously not as famous as I treat him? Voice of Troy Bolton, a DCOM, and a Broadway play... huh.