Thursday, December 17, 2009


I haven't posted here in forever, have I? I suck. In lieu of actual posts containing the hard-hitting making-fun-of-the-Jonas-Brothers you've come to expect from Tweenage, have some quick links 'n' stuff:

- This picture made me laugh because it's so hilariously emblematic of the HP kids. Bonnie: 16 going on 40. Man Radcliffe: Looking like the world's most formal elfin interior decorator. Emma: Rocking an age-appropriate trend that I would probably loathe on anyone else. Rupert: Looking unaware that the British do not generally make stoner comedies, so he can probably stop being all method about it; also, like a hobo. Tom: Not as cool as he thinks he is. And I don't know who that other dude is.

- Dylan and Cole Sprouse Play Video Games with the Eldery. I seriously thought that was an Onion headline at first.

- Just for Becky: Esteban returns to Suite Life! Set the TiVo!

- Okay, a little making fun of the Jonas Brothers, from the always-fabulous Kate Beaton.

- And finally, in the spirit of the holiday, have some Alyson Stoner, who is far more adorable and talented than Camp Rock would lead you to believe:


Anonymous said...

Oh god Bonnie really does look like she's going on 40 in that outfit. Last time I saw another photo of her she was wearing a really bad outfit then. They must just like the give her the worst outfits.

Anonymous said...

omg.. the Sprouses looks like totally different people now that they're older.

Anonymous said...

If Rupert Grint and James Franco made a stoner comedy, I would already be in line.

Cyndy Otty said...

The "other dude" is Freddie Roma, who plays Cormac McLaggen in HBP.

Also, the captcha here is a fricken pain in the ass since I can't see.

MeganStacey said...

Freddie Roma is pretty. I approve of his existence.