Thursday, February 4, 2010

Zac Efron and Sterling Knight: Like Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff, In a Way

I've been avoiding talking about Starstruck, the Sterling DCOM, because it looks... well, pretty bad. And because it has introduced us to Disney's sad, sad attempt to create Sterling Knight: Pop Star, and that is not a good idea. He's darling, and he can sort of play guitar and sing, but he plays guitar and sings in the way the cute guy in your freshman year lit class who invites you to see him at a coffeehouse does. It's sweet and he means well, but honey, no.

Basically, in all honesty, I think Sterling can do better. (Brandon Smith, on the other hands, seems to be a perfect fit for a DCOM and I'd love to see him as the lead, rather than the sidekick, but that's neither here nor there.) But of course I am going to watch Starstruck.

And if it turns out to be unwatchable, I'll just watch this on repeat for two hours instead:

"This kid, Zac Efron... Curse you!"


TJ said...

I, for one, will absolutely be watching Starstruck next Sunday.

Sterling Knight + romanticized Los Angeles + "popstars" + Disney's incomprehension of what being a teenager is actually like = a perfect DCOM.

It would make my life if you liveblog this.
Unless, of course, you actually have something to do on Valentine's Day. Unlike me.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sterling Knight...So adorable. I will thnk of this when I am watching what will probably a horrible DCOM.

MeganStacey said...

Sterling Knight is my favourite thing in the world.