Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm sorry, Zef...

...but no amount of armpit hair can convince me you aren't a Ken doll magically brought to life.

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chasingthestars said...

1. He's never resembled Ken more than in this picture.
2. Armpit hair is apparently attractive to me, this is something I'm only just discovering.
3. I can't believe you guys only have 9 followers! I feel like I should let you know that your blog is the source of every single funny thing my friends and I have ever said, all of our inside jokes originated here. And I consider your movie reviews as set-in-stone-facts-of-life and they help me decide whether or not to watch certain things (okay fine, I watched Romana and Beezus because of you.. but I'd already wholeheartedly seen the other movies on my own). You guys are awesome!