Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's better than bad: It's Good.

(If you get the reference in this post's title, congratulations! You're old like me.)

As the ever more desultory posts here can attest, Becky and I really really like Big Time Rush. And though the extremely hilarious Erin Sanders (Camille) is our favorite BTR gal (so funny! so cute! so inappropriately hot!), we're also very fond of Katelyn Tarver (Jo), so when I heard she was releasing a single, I had me a listen:

And, you know, it's good. (Zing!) Neither the song or her performance are anything to write home about, but they're also perfectly respectable. I like it, and I'll probably get her EP when it comes out.

But it was hard for me to tell how good a singer she actually is, since the song isn't super challenging, and it's a bit autotuned. (Not hugely. But a bit.) So I went looking on YouTube, since most of the Nick/Disney actress/singer crowd has tons of videos of themselves singing Katy Perry songs in their bathrooms or whatever. Instead, I found this:

That's 14-year-old Katelyn singing on American Juniors, and being so cute I can hardly stand it. (Also, how did I not know this show existed? This show was made for me!) She's precious! But hm, who does she remind me of?

Somehow it only makes me love her more.

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Sharmaine said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing the video links :) Too bad Zac's hats have gone into hibernation for the Northern Summer, I miss your snappy commentary guys! I can't believe iCarly is about to have it's 5th season- it makes me feel so old!!! Keep up the great work TW!