Thursday, August 11, 2011


Recently, when I've flipped past Nickelodeon, I've seen promos for Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventure. Sometimes I think I should watch it! Then I look at the main characters.

Or more specifically, the blond one. I don't know who's Bucket and who's Skinner, because literally all I can think is, "WHAT IS ON YOUR HEAD??"

What is that?? And I don't mean the hat.

Child, WHAT




....and all I can do is stare in blinking incomprehension, and that is why I haven't actually watched the show.

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LadyGodiva said...

I think you actually live in my brain because I had the exact same thoughts.


i'm getting whiffs of Brendan Frasier from that neanderthal movie in what, 1992? and also the stoner from Clueless.

but mostly it just smells like jack@ss.