Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's like bringing sexy back, except not. With a sandwich.

Jess: So apparently Mitchel Musso is legal today. You gonna go for that? I know you want to.
Becky: Ooooh, Mitchel.
Jess: With his pointy face and his Ally Sheedy hair...
Becky: You know, I appreciate that he's making awkward cool again.
Jess: Okay, I'm gonna go blog that now.


Shadow Eevee said...

At first, I would be worried and say 'WHAT? HE WAS ONLY 15 THE OTHER DAY! D<'. Then, I remembered Maiara Walsh(Meena from Cory in the House) is 21, and Jason Earles is... old.

Megan Stacey said...

I spent a spectacular two days alone in Toronto for the sole purpose of OMG MITCHEL MUSSO.

It should be noted that I do not live in Toronto, nor am I 14 years old.

But yeah, I saw him perform live, he was adorable and lip-synched superbly. During Do It Up, he walked over (STRAIGHT TO ME) and signed my CD while singing. And then the next day, he made a ridiculous face when I tried to lean over and take a picture of us together.