Sunday, June 6, 2010

I've got this low center of gravity. You can't knock me over.

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

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Yeah, that's right. WHO WANTS TO TOUCH ME?

(Link courtesy of Becky, who is stranded in upstate New York, fending off bears and wolverines and the Amish.)


Anonymous said...

Wow.. does it always say 21? Because I had the same result.

Megan Stacey said...

I got 22.

Tessa said...

I know this has nothing to do with Bieber, but I just saw the full-length film version of "I Kissed A Vampire," and I know you guys will appreciate a quick report.

1. It was technically the World Premier, so the whole cast was there.
2. Although I was 2 feet away, I did not MEET the cast, because they were swamped with autograph hounds (in Seattle? Really?!) and elementary-school aged girls. I was incredibly disappointed. I wanted my picture taken with Grabeel and Seeley, damnit!
3. Oh my goodness, it's bad. It's every vampire cliche, ever. And it was soooo inappropriate for all the young girls who were there. I had second-hand embarrassment for the actors.
4. Drew Seeley is awesome. And very pretty. And apparently shy. He didn't talk much during the intro of the film, or after, during the Q & A session. Maybe it was the embarrassment of being in this film?
Lucas, on the other hand... quite the extrovert.

And there you have it!

Anonymous said...

Ugh.. looking back at HSM, it drives me insane that Lucas doesn't have a career and Zefron does :|

Can he please stop doing this vampire crap and do awesome stuff? please?

Anonymous said...

Apparently I could take 27 Justin Biebers in a fight. I am trying to decide what that says about me.

Rebecca said...

Tessa, thanks for the update! I also got the feel that Drew was super nice (and dreamy) at the first IKAV thing; I'm glad to hear he still is. Also, that the movie is as dreadful as I'd expect.