Saturday, July 24, 2010


I loved Drake and Josh, and have been keeping an eye on the the careers of both stars since it ended. A few days ago, when I heard that Drake would be appearing in The Fairly Oddparents movie, I was:

1. pleased to hear that he is actually going to be in a thing, since he's been kind of MIA since the show ended,
2. troubled that he's apparently still under that blood oath to Nickelodeon, and
3. confused, because he's obviously too old to play a kid and too young to play a parent, and the fairies are apparently going to be CGI. Maybe he's slated to play pop star Chip Skylark?

But no. According to Just Jared Jr., Drake will be playing 10-year-old Timmy Turner.

omg that outfit


On the one hand, this is kind of terrible. The movie (about Timmy's refusal to grow up) looks terrible, the hook of the plot (hotting up the crazy nerd in order to make Timmy want to grow up) sounds terrible, and the effect this will have on Drake's career will probably be terrible.

But on the other hand...oh my God I am so going to see this movie, because that picture is hilarious.

Next up: Russell Crowe as Jimmy Neutron.


Alyssa said...

I'll probably see it for Daniella Monet. And Drake in that ridiculous outfit.

It's going to be so completely awful though. I honestly have no idea how this can be a real thing.

Melody said...

I laughed out loud. This looks like it's going to be terrifyingly bad and embarassing for everyone involved. (Also, ew, Tootie. When I was little, I was all about Trixie Tang. Not only was she Asian like me, she got to be popular and bitchy instead of awkward and nerdy.)