Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Most Important Blog of All Time

A blog which is totally worth subscribing to: High School Musical 3: Graduation News! As in, a blog that keeps everyone up to date on the facts and rumors about HSM3. Which, you know, Jess and I are totally going to end up seeing opening night. Because it looks to be amazing.

Two things from the most recent blog entries, which badly need highlighting:

RYAN'S ROCKETTES, OMG. Yeah, Ryan is the captain of a drill team. Which he apparently named after himself. Oh man, I love Ryan. (Also, from the alleged leaked soundtrack, he gets the movie's only solo song! Can I get a HELL YEAH?)


From this post. I point out the pic for two reasons:

  • Troy looks extremely adorable and oddly not douche-y. Like, to the point where Jess and I had to stop and debate whether that was really Zef or just one of Disney's slightly-younger clones with mildly less stupid hair.
  • Uh, Chad is offering Troy a handjob there, right? Right.

Best. Blog. Ever.

ETA: Thanks to Molly for pointing out my ridiculous spelling errors, and while I'm at it, to Ann for linking to that blog to begin with.


Anonymous said...

*whispers* I think you meant Ryan's Rockettes. ;D

And omg, Kel and I thought the exact same thing when we saw that picture. I think Troy is a bit intimidated by this offer.

Rebecca said...

Why yes I did! *corrects*

Anonymous said...

I made a RSS feed for that blog, too, for Live Journal. It's hsm3gnews.

Ann S said...

You're welcome! I hope you enjoy the over-the-topness as much as I did!