Tuesday, September 2, 2008

HSM3 Badness Alert Level: Pebbles Flintstone Pink

Two lovely things to share with y'all.


(Via HSM3: Graduation News) I know I'm late, but... RYAN IN A SHINY BLACK JACKET AND BRIGHT PINK PANTS. And then a white tuxedo. And the SHEER LEVELS OF BITCHFACE. The second half of the video is, I hope, badly cut scenes from elsewhere in the movie, but how excited am I? THIS EXCITED. Ryan bitchface is, like, one of my most favorite things ever.


(Via Molly.)

TINY CHAD AND TROY! SQUEE! Seeing as how Corbin described the movie as "a bromance" between Chad and Troy, and this appears to be a Chad and Troy duet (in a junkyard? with a headband and flannel? I am so excited for whatever the hell is going on!), I am forced to wildly guess that this is a flashback to how Troy and Chad met. Or else something EVEN CRACKIER than I can imagine.

I can not wait, y'all. For serious.


Anonymous said...

Well, shit, I managed not to be excited about this up until now. Good going! :P

Sophie said...

Heeeeeeeeeeee little Corbin. Little Zef looks vaguely like a creeper. V. in character of him. P:

And 1:10-1:13 of the video is totes meant for Chad's eyes only. >D