Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More on the Kids' Inaugural

It is probably worth noting that I didn't actually check the schedules or list of performers for any events at the inauguration. So when it comes to the Kids' Inaugural We Are the Future Ball, I only heard what made headlines -- the Jonii and discussion of Miley. So needless to say, I was extraordinarily pleased to learn from the lovely people over at LiveJournal's BleuManGroup that Corbin also performed.

Now, while I will doubtlessly spend the rest of the day giggling at the faux-military-police getup he and his back-up dancers wore*, mostly I will be smiling at the idea of Corbin serenading Michelle, Sasha, and Malia. Because I love him. You may have noticed.

* Also, really, exclusively male backup dancers for a dude? That's kind of new and different. If nothing else, at least they are not dressed as ridiculously as his female backup dancers were.


Anonymous said...

On Corbin's summer 2008 tour, he had two male and two female dancers. On his 2007 tour, he had four male dancers...and no female dancers. Hmm. ;)

Jessica said...

Get a better choreographer, Corbin.

Rebecca said...

I know, right? We *know* Corbin can dance. Couldn't he even get not!Wade from the Push It video?