Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Letter, A Video, and A Deep Thought

Dear Obama Family,

Not even you can make the Jonas Brothers endearing. Even if you are the absolute cutest things that have ever, ever happened. Though at least if Malia must love the Jonii, she has the relatively-non-bad taste to like Least Detestable best.

That is all.


The Video

Now, some not-really-deep thinky thoughts. Sasha and Malia are becoming famous tweens in their own rights. So do they continue to be mostly media consumers, lovin' on the MoFoJoBros, Miley, etc; or do they become trend setters in and of themselves? Both? Perhaps we could get some kind of wacky TV show out of it -- the First Daughters Variety Hour! I'd watch it. It would have to be better government-based comedy than Corey in the House.

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