Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unfortunately, Serious

Here at Tweenage, we like to keep things pretty light. Because tween stars are hilarious. Even -- perhaps especially -- their stupid scandals are hilarious. (Hey, remember when Miley took some "scandalous" pictures with a well-known photographer for a legitimate magazine while her father was in the room, but OMG SHE'S SUCH A WHORE?!)

But sometimes these things aren't funny.

Miley Cyrus, posing for a picture while pulling back your eyes, joking about being Asian, is NOT FUNNY. It is racist.

I usually really like Miley. I think she is by far the most talented singer of this generation of tweens. She's not a great actress -- she's a terrible dancer -- but the girl has pipes. And by that virtue alone, she stands head and shoulders above imitators. I've defended her on those grounds time and time again.

But I can not, and will not, defend something like this.

Be careful, Miley: Selena Gomez may only have a tenth of your talent, but she has yet to seriously piss me off. And her made-for-TV movie is waiting on my TiVo. And it's a lot easier to like someone who, at least to the best of my knowledge, doesn't confuse racism and comedy. I'm just sayin'.


Rylen said...

I have to be honest here. I really really like your blog but seriously Miley the best singer in this generation? Well...not so I think. She can sing yes, she can belt out a tune but she isn't great. Carrie Underwood is great. Demi Lovato can actually sing cleanly. Vanessa Carlton can sing and write music. Even Taylor Swift has a lovely voice but Miley? She can do karaoke and I think she's an okay actress but the greatest singer of this generation. Idunthinkso... ;)

email me if you want to hear more reasons why or talk at least:

Jessica said...

Not to step on Becky's toes here, but she said "this generation of tweens," meaning, basically, the current Disney/Nickelodeon stable. So Carrie Underwood and Vanessa Carlton don't count, although they are both very talented.

As for Demi, we both feel that she tends to yell her way through a song rather than singing it. Alas, I am not hip enough to have heard enough Taylor Swift to pass judgment.

And of course, in the end the whole thing is extremely subjective.

Rebecca said...

Er, yes. What Jess said!

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

(Sorry, deleted comment was me double posting and failing at the internet.)