Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No mo' MoFoJoBros

We've been a little harsh on the Jo Bros around here from time to time. But today we saw this picture and had a few epiphanies. Jonii, we take back everything mean we've ever said. We *love* you.

Jess: Oh my God, Becky. I can't decide which one is hottest.

Becky: I can't even decide which one wears skin tight shorts best. But -- siiiigh -- Kevin's "come hither" look is too much to resist. Oh Kevvy. I'd go thither.

Jess: I like the way he pops his collar. I read somewhere that tools do that? And tools are like, totally useful things, right? So Kevin's popped collar is telling me that he is useful and necessary! Take that, people who think he is a superfluous Jonas!

Becky: I love his bracelet. He doesn't just wear a purity ring, he accessorizes. But I wish the picture didn't cut off so we'd be able to see if he was wearing shorts like Nick and Joe are. I love when the Bros are cute and matchy!

Jess: I don't know, Becky. I think if we could see three sets of Jonian knees, this blog might catch fire with the hotness. It'd be Burning Up! Just like their song! (But not like their crotches, because they are pure.)

Becky: Speaking of which, Joe, you look fabulous in jewel tones. Nick's shorts are fine and all, but I loooooooooooooove yours.

Jess: I like best that they are just a leeeetle too tight across the crotch, if you know what I mean. I like the way he balances his tight, feminine shorts with Little Joe, sort of the way he balances all that makeup and that Lesley Gore hair with those masterful eyebrows of his.

Becky: I think what I love best is the sheer modesty at work in the polka-dotted, pearly-white-buttoned outer shirt/white undershirt combination. There's just a hint of clavicle and collar bone. Joe, you tease!

Jess: Mmm, I know. But I think Nicky Boy takes the prize for modesty. He looks so businesslike in his tie! I love how it's backwards! And is that a hint of tummy I see?

Becky: And not to keep coming back to crotches, but who knew material from an old tarp could be so flattering around a boy's area?

Jess: No kidding. Spring has sprung, indeed.

So, Wastelanders, tell us: which Jonas do you think is the dreamiest? (The correct answer, of course, is "All of them!")

Pic taken, with apologies, from Jonas-Pictures.Com.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you guys. I'm laughing so hard I'm *crying*.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought you were being serious for a minute D:

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. Nothing can compare to Jonian knees!!

Katie said...

You guys win the internets... honestly. You just turned my day fro sucky and depressing to made of win... *send an internet hug*

Pieces said...

I do love the Lance Armstrong chic Kevin has goin' on.

Livestrong, Jonai!