Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Once you leave this school, no one projects or cheats out."

Zac Efron hosted SNL last night. It ranged from unremarkable to pretty bad, but most of that was SNL's fault. Zac himself ranged from "enormous tool" (shocking, I know) to "somewhat charming." Also people like to touch him a lot. It's kind of weird.

But one sketch did make me actually giggle.

Pretty much worth it just for the line, "I may have been good here, but it's become clear that East High plays in some sort of musical theater league, with a very low standard of competition." So that's why the other team lets them have a dance break in the middle of the game!


Jessica said...

I loved that sketch, but I feel the need to point out that no one AT East High projects or cheats out either (except Ryan). If you can find Troy cheating out in "Breaking Free" or "Every Day," I will be very surprised.

Rebecca said...

I think Zef might be confused as to what the term actually means, and has mistaken it for that creepy thing where he stares directly into the camera.

Anonymous said...

Woes, it won't let me watch the clip because i'm not in america :(

Ryan W. Mead said...

Walt Disney (even though he looked nothing like Walt) had the best two lines in that sketch- "I was thawed out recently...most would blame global warming, but I think it has something to do with Jews" and "Disney characters aren't supposed to age- look at Mickey Mouse or Lindsay Lohan."

TSB said...

That is possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen. *dies and is dead*

Tessa said...

Did you guys catch Zef's opening monologue?

"For those of you who don't know me, my name's Zac Efron. For those of you who do know me... thanks for staying up so late."

OK. Pretty much the greatest thing ever. Especially the smirk he gives after he says it.

I might be completely alone in this, but I think Zef's got way more comedic talent than he gets credit for.

Rebecca said...

@kizna1200: Booooo. I tried finding it on youtube, but NBC is pretty on top of getting stuff like that removed quickly, so no luck so far.

@Ryan W Mead: I was pretty "meh" about the Walt cameo, but that was a pretty good line.

@Tess: I HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT FOREVER! It's part of why I actually *do* like him, despite his incredible toolishness, and it's why I'm actually going to go see 17 Again. I can see it being genuinely funny.

Tessa said...

It's why I too will be going to see 17 Again. :)

I've never really been that attracted to him (though I will admit I had a crush on him during the 'Summerland' days, but I was younger and more foolish. Anyone else miss the gap between his teeth? Just me? Ok, moving on...) but I think he has some of the best line delivery of any "teen" star today.
And the boy does a double-take/reaction shot like no other.