Thursday, August 20, 2009


I thought I'd posted the third installment of the Official Tweenage Wasteland Official Boy Band Watch a while ago, but I guess I didn't. Whoops!

Well, anyway, meet Wow:

There’s not enough info out yet about these guys to give them a full rating. The number one thing that comes to mind when looking at them is “OW MY EYES.” Once you get past the blinding hues, though, they seem to be a bunch of average-looking dudes who at least understand two of the key principles of boy bandom: wearing bright colors (oh, do they ever understand this point) and jumping on things. Their single, “Goosebumps,” sounds appropriately boy bandish, so it’s a shame that it’s terrible. In fact, we’re not sure that it was actually recorded by human beings and not robots.

But boy, they certainly do like to jump on things.

They’re currently on tour opening for the MoFoJoBros, so we imagine we will hear more about them soon.


Ryan W. Mead said...

They look like they escaped from a (possibly British or Australian) children's television show. I wouldn't be surprised if said theoretical show is also called "Wow." It would be one of those shows where they teach kids things and sing. The bright clothing and expressions on their faces makes me think that.

(Also, the verification word I got was "chink." I know there are other meanings for the word, but my first thought is that your verification system is racist.)

Megan Stacey said...

They're actually not opening FOR the JoBros... they're on tour "with" them in the sense that they follow them around and stand in front of venues marketing themselves.

And thanks to this blog, I knew exactly who they were when I saw them earlier this evening at the JB concert! I got my picture taken with them. I'm smitten. They're all adorable. I don't care which one is which. THEY HAD LEGO BELT BUCKLES. ALL OF THEM.

Anonymous said...

Megan that sounds very sweet and really creepy all at once. Also I hate myself for knowing this, but Honor Society is the boy band on tour with the JoBros.