Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Remember when I posted about things other than the MoFoJoBros?

...Those were the days, huh? Look, I swear I'm working on a HSM3-related posted! It just takes a lot more effort to write something other than straight vitriol! Speaking of which.

So one of the reasons why Most Detestable grosses me out so much is that he is so weirdly smooth -- like, his skin has all been sanded with a fine-grit sandpaper until it glistens in an incredibly unappealing way. I have ranted aloud at Jess many times about how I would prefer for him to never show any skin at all. But as the (gag, retch) heartthrob of the group, Most Detestable is often shirtless or unbuttoned. If I must look at him, I would prefer for him to not just wear a shirt at all times, but if we could get him in, like, a turtleneck, long (loose, not skinny) jeans, high-tops, a ski mask, and a friggin' pair of mittens, that would be best. I do not ever want to see any of his skin. At all. Ew.

My point: in the above picture, one of the Most Detestables is made of wax. And damn, but it's hard to tell which one.



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