Sunday, August 10, 2008


A few people may know: I am a big Beatles fan. Srsly. Like, during my spell of 13-hours workdays last week, I looked on the bright side and used it as an excuse to listen to the Beatles canon all the way through. I own numerous Beatles biographies. I've seen Backbeat. I've been the DJ for an all-Beatles radio show, for god's sake.

So no, I never approved of the Target commercials that use mediocre covers of "Hello Goodbye" misspelled as "GoodBuy." (Guess what that song's not about? HINT: BUYING CHEAP PLASTIC SHIT.) But -- sputtering with rage -- the combination of Target commercial + new cover of the song by the GODDAMN JONAS BROTHERS?

I thing steam is literally coming out my ears.*

It's not that the Beatles weren't commercial. They were; Paul McCartney once commented that he and John would sit down and say, "Hey, let's write us a new swimming pool." And it's not that I think the Beatles are too sacred for covering; lots of people do very, very good covers of Beatles songs.

It's the combination of the fucking smarm of a few untalented kids selling shit for a mega corporation. I swear to god, if I ever hear one of them pull the traditional tween star line, "It's like Beatlemania..." (which has always enraged me, every time a boyband says it, even the ones I like) I will throw up.


(Okay. Sorry. Had to get that out of my system. Back to your irregularly scheduled updates about how cute Emily Osment is now.)

* Okay, not literally. But I did yell aloud and stomp around the apartment.

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