Friday, March 6, 2009

If I never see the Sprouse brothers sucking yogurt again, it will be too soon

1. So, like, when did the Sprouses' voices change? Because I'm not okay with it. It throws off my whole view of the world!

2. Horrified and intrigued by these vocal variations, I YouTubed a random episode of The Suite Life on Deck, which I have never seen, and linked Becky to it. Now, we've tried to make it clear before on this blog that we are not, in fact, the same person, but I'm suddenly afraid that might be a big lie.

Jess: I just put on an episode of Suite Life on Deck to see if their voices have changed there too
Jess: And Cody is GAYING IT UP. I know you are shocked.
Jess: "Don't worry, I went with the musk hand sanitizer."
Becky: well, he is reeeeally gay
Becky: wow, their dad is inappropriate
Jess: Isn't he the grossest?
Becky: aaand Carrie is wicked inappropriate, too
Jess: Hee, I was just about to say!
Jess: Oh, Moseby.
Becky: awww, Moseby
Becky: aww, London!
Jess: AHAHAHA "What size pony do you ride?"
Becky: "I'll give you the best birthday ever! ... What size pony do you ride?"
Becky: " the way, you're the only one who accepts them."
Jess: HEE
Becky: are they planning to drive that around...the...boat?
Jess: Why did their father buy them a tiny car TO DRIVE ON A BOAT
Jess: We are freaks
Becky: braintwinny freaks!
Jess: I will not be watching any more of this episode, btw
Jess: It is dreadful
Becky: nor will I!
Jess: My whole brain just keeps screaming "BUT THEY'RE ON A BOAT"
Becky: WHY are they on a BOAT?

So apparently we are one entity, split among two bodies for purposes unknown. At least when it comes to the Sprouse twins.


Rebecca said...

Perhaps their twinniness brings out our brain-twinniness?

Shadow Eevee said...

Well, recently they have been... suckish. D:

Love the blog by the way!

Ryan W. Mead said...

You know, I thought that was the Sprouses when I saw that ad for the first time, but it didn't sound like them. This is the deepest voice change since the one that happened to Nathan Kress between the first and second seasons of "iCarly."

I guess all the "Suite Life" stars are growing up- the Sprouses have deeper voices, and Brenda Song is leading a Hannah Montana-style double life as a prostitute "Layla the Hawaiin Beauty"...oh, wait, her picture was used in an ad for an escort service with a caption reading "Layla the Hawaiin Beauty" and she succesfully sued for $100,000. How many 20-year-olds can say that they've successfully sued an escort service for libel? Hopefully, not a lot. (And no, I am not misspelling "Hawaiin"- that's actually how it was spelled in the ad.)

Jessica said...

Becky: Maybe! Maybe we are TURNING INTO the Sprouses. This is a very scary thought.

Shadow Eevee: Thanks!

Ryan: Brenda Song whaaaaa? *races to Google*

Anonymous said...

I am TERRIFIED of the Sprouses sudden voice change D: They don't sound like them at all!