Thursday, March 19, 2009

Terms of ensearchment

Every so often we look through the search terms that have brought people to the Wasteland here. Usually these are questions, and so, being the kind soul that I am, I have decided to answer some of them for those hapless Googlers:

“selena gomez baby pictures”
Try anything taken within the past couple of days, and crop out everything but her face. You’ll get the general idea.

“why high school musical ryan kilt?”

“what is the worst thing about high school”
Man, how long do you have?

“does zach efron have freckles?”
If by “freckles,” you mean “toolish wool caps,” then yes!

“jason earles tank top”
Please, no. Unless this is a tank top you can purchase for ladies that has his face on it, in which case I would like twelve, please.

And, to the half-dozen or so search terms we get each week wondering if Ryan Evans is gay: yes. Yes, he is.

I hope you all feel edified!


Tessa said...

In response to your last statement:
Disney Press clearly doesn't agree. I invite you to read:

Not that I've... read it, or anything... *nervously clears throat*...

I totally agree with you guys about Ryan, and the fact that the head honchos at the House of Mouse don't want to alienate the conservative parents of their precious target audience is unfortunate.

Rebecca said...

Ooh! I have that one! I still totally need to read it!

Tessa said...

I recently completed a research paper on gay characters in mainstream film... wherein I covered extensively the enigma that is Ryan Evans. My research was thorough, to say the least.

Margaret said...

I actually came here via "Is Ryan gay?" searching. And you answered my question most satisfactorily when I stumbled upon here. XD

Shadow Eevee said...

I came here by searching 'Suite life of Zack and Cody racist?' :P I was in a 'Disney has controversy omg?' moment.:P

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not sure you guys actually watch "True Jackson, VP", but I do know you enjoy Jennette McCurdy, so I thought I'd share the face-meltingly adorable...

Nikita Bland said...

I know I'm totally late in replying to this post but.... how do you know what searches led people to your blog? I've heard of other people doing that before, but how is it done? I've got a blog of mine and I'd really like to know.

Rebecca said...

We use; after you sign up, they give you a small piece of code to install in your blog template, and once that's been in place for a day or so you can log in to see lots of info about who comes to your site and how.

Nikita Bland said...

Thank you, you and Jessica run a really great blog and I appreciate the help.

Rikitiki said...

“does zach efron have freckles?”
If by “freckles,” you mean “toolish wool caps,” then yes!