Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I can't help but smile

Official cover for "So Close," Jennette McCurdy's new single

My deep and true love of Jennette McCurdy is well documented, so you can imagine that I was quite excited when Becky told me she was releasing a single today. Jennette is hands-down the best actor on iCarly, and "iDream of Dance" made it clear that she is also a fantastic, trained dancer. (She's also a figure skater and a versatile writer, not to mention deeply adorable, but let's stick with showbiz for now.) Could she possibly be a triple threat? Could my musical-loving heart take such glory?

The single, "So Close," is out, and the answers to those questions are YES, SHE TOTALLY IS and YES, BUT JUST BARELY.

I'm not linking to a YouTube video because I want you to go to iTunes or the music emporium of your choice and buy it, but if you must sample the goods, it's there. Holy cats, gang. Jennette can belt. No twittery songbird here! She really gets a strong, full sound in there, but unlike some of her cohort who just yell across the song and call it music (I'm looking at you, Demi), she knows when to ease off a bit and give the song some variation and emotion. On top of that, it's a really fun, strummy country jamboree than had me and my roommate bouncing all over the apartment. Always a good sign!

Seriously, someone sign this girl up for Broadway. And a movie musical with Lucas Grabeel (omgtooexcitingtoevendiscuss!). I will say again what I've said at least a dozen times in the past 24 hours: Jennette McCurdy is my hero. I want to be her when I grow down.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, I read "writer" as "wrestler" at first. I'm sure she could do that too!

Anonymous said...

I am astounded. She has an amazing voice. If i manage to find a UK site where i can download the song, then it's getting downloaded!

Jessica said...

thatjamiegirl: Jennette can do ANYTHING.

kizna1200: Definitely download the song! It is totally worth it.