Monday, March 23, 2009

It's such a fun and natural sight

You might recall that when we watched Camp Rock, we were most disappointed in Alyson Stoner, who we love, and who was just as awful in that movie as everyone and everything else. But we do not blame Alyson, no. We realize that Camp Rock is a void of suckitude from which no talent can possibly escape. And to prove that Alyson is actually good at things when not surrounded by Jonii, we offer this:

Yes, it's for Space Buddies, a movie I would rather chew glass than watch. And yes, the choreography is fairly goofy (my favorite is the heel click towards the end). But Alyson is so adorable! And she is such a good dancer! (Before her stint on The Suite Life, she was best known as "the girl from the Missy Elliott videos.") And hey, she can actually sing pretty well, which I did not know!

Oh, Alyson. You're back in my heart. Aw, heck, you know you never really left.


Rebecca said...

Wow, I actually like her voice quite a bit. Hooray, Alyson!

Uh, were they trying to avoid paying a lyricist overtime or something? Because those lyrics were... repetitive. And also bad.

Anonymous said...

She's not a bad singer I guess..

But it's still a horrible cover version.

Anonymous said...

She's a pretty good singer actually. I'm far too used to the Toploader version of the song to like this version though XD

Anonymous said...

She's an okay singer..
and it's a cover btw to the first comment.