Monday, October 6, 2008

The Degayification of Ryan Evans...?

Very important conversation:

Becky: I don't know. On the one hand, there are all those rumors about Ryan and Kelsi hooking up.

And yet on the other hand... Ryan's Rockettes.

Jess: It seems to me that there's a bit of a power struggle going on. The costume department (and probably Lucas) gets that Ryan is gay. But Disney doesn't think so. Meanwhile, Kenny, presumably, think, "OMG you guys, let's have a water fight!"

(Rockette's image snagged from Google; certainly not mine. Ryan and Kelsi, I, uh... completely lost my source for. Yikes. Please let me know if I stole it from you so I can credit properly.)


Alix said...

I realize picture one is supposed to represent Ryan's possible relationship with Kelsi, but really, it does not seem any straighter then picture two.

To me there's this aura of Ryan being all: "I need someone one to wear matching outfits with me now that my sister is unavailable. Kelsi! Come to prom with me and be my matching accessory!"

And Kelsi is all: "Oh yeah-- my date bought my dress, did my hair, and can guarantee there won't be any drunken groping on the limo ride home."

Rebecca said...

Ahaha, well, yeah, I assume they're just going as friends because they both want an excuse to look snazzy (and I do think that Kelsi is beautiful in that), but I suspect the *movie* will try and make us think they're together. Though that's odd, because Jason is still in the movie, and clearly their .003 seconds of interaction through the first two movies was meant to imply they were dating...

Jessica said...

Perhaps Disney just realized what the rest of us already knew: that Jason is an unworthy mouthbreather. I mean, sure, Kelsi is a crazy stalker who wants to eat Sharpay's heart and gain her totemic power, but she's still cute!

Rebecca said...

Damn it Jess, I am at WORK and it is very awkward to explain to my coworkers why I abruptly started giggling!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that in the stage show of HSM (the official Disney show, no less) Ryan is gay. He's even more camp than movie version Ryan, and he has pictures of hunky guys in his locker. Also, there's one part during the show where Troy pats Ryan's arm and he goes all swoony. So gay, but with bad taste.

And if Ryan asks Kelsi to prom in the new movie like he does in the junior novel, NO one is going to think he's straight. It's such a date of convenience. Seriously.