Monday, October 6, 2008

HSM3 Badness Alert Level: Powder Blue (Like Troy's Suit)

In celebration of the fact that Jess, Rachel, and I purchased our opening night HSM3 tickets tonight, a video! "A Night to Remember"

AHAHAHAHA. Let me count the ways this video is the most amazing thing since Bet On It:

  1. Chad's panic. ZOMG you guys, he has to take a GIRL to the PROM and she might have scary GIRL GERMS and he just isn't sure he can handle that!!1! Oh, Chadders. Not as gay as Ryan, but pretty darned gay.

  2. D'aww, Chad's plaid suit jacket is oddly adorable. (WHAT, there is a reason Corbin is listed in the sidebar as my inappropriately young crush, OKAY? Don't judge me.)

  3. "It makes me look weird." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes, Troy, it DOES make you look weird. How unusually perceptive for you! (Also: pelvic thrusts? It took Kenny three movies to get around to that?)

  4. I believe that none of the boys in HSM knows what a corsage is. Not the brightest group, them.

  5. Either the set of the show-within-a-show looks a lot like the set for the Muppets' "Manhattan Melodies" or else the actual SET for this is the cheapest, fakest thing ever. Either way, I am amused.


Jessica said...


I just had to reenact that for my roommate using the double doors. Oh MAN.

I like that Ryan's not there. Ryan Evans does NOT buy off the rack.

Rebecca said...

Also, it supports my theory that Ryan and Sharpay are actually in an entirely different movie somehow.

Megan Stacey said...

I normally do not use homophobic slurs, but the line should totally be:

This tux is too baggy
Too tight, it makes me look faggy


And yes, I realize I'm on a commenting spree for posts that have been around for nine months...