Thursday, October 23, 2008

Very Important Things

Thing the first: High School Musical 3's Ryan Evans still a coded gay character -- another article from AfterElton about how Ryan is totally gay. Aaaaand a certain little blog I know of totally gets a shout out in the second page. (Thanks to the various people who pointed this out to us!) Which of course led to this email exchange:

Jess: What do I love most about the article? The confirmation that Ryan has NOT been hetted up, the fact that he randomly yells "Dance!" for no reason, or the fact that they think we're teenagers?

Becky: I feel that "Dance" and "Not dance" should be our new exclamations of joy and disappointment respectively. "We're doing a conference at work so I will have to work this weekend. It's so not dance."

Jess: On the other hand, I'm eating an amazing Cadbury bar that is dance enough to be worth the $2.25 I paid for it.


Thing the second: Today's Zac Efron career update. Pirates 4 is apparently just a rumor (hopefully, then, so is HSM4), but Zac is actually slated for the Kevin Bacon role in a remake of Footloose


ZACHARY DAVID ALEXANDER EFRON. No more movies with dancing! Stop it! You are really really really really bad at dancing! Seriously.

Example: In Work It Out, Zef does what we refer to as A Crazy Little Zef Dancetm and it looks like Disney's Zefron Bot 3000 has gone haywire and may start killing all humans at any moment. Then Corbin and Kaycee do the exact same dance and it looks like a thing that was actually competently choreographed.

Seriously. This will be epically bad.

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