Monday, October 13, 2008

It makes you wanna dance for joy

So...the HSM kids are shilling bread now?

Okay, you have to understand that I am still bitter - ten years after the fact - that the Gap stopped doing the dancing commercials, where you'd have like 20 people tap dancing in khakis. If I am to be beset by advertisements, I insist they be full of fresh-faced young people dancing exuberantly. If your product won't make me dance down the streets, GET OFFA MY TEEVEE.

So this commercial would please me even if it didn't include bouncy HSMers. But it DOES! Which is why I've watched it 20 times. DUN JUDGE ME.

Items of note:

1. Gee, I wonder which two of these four are trained dancers? Could it be the two who are actually dancing, and not posing in rhythm?

2. I think it's pretty amusing that the cinematography, directing, choreography, and songwriting are all superior to anything from any of the movies so far.


4. Okay, he's rambling and redundant and doofy, but how precious is Corbin in that interview? You teach those kids to eat right, Corbin! You teach them to food. Like...Sara Lee bread. Uh.

Well, his heart's in the right place.

As an extra special treat, have the Corbin-only version!

My, but that boy can dance.


Rebecca said...

Oh Corbin, SO SINCERE! *pinches his widdle cheeks*

Uh, does his shirt have a frowny-face on it? That might not be a great selling tactic.

Anonymous said...

I discovered those commercials completely by chance a little while back. I absolutely love them!