Saturday, October 25, 2008

HSM3: the Good, the Bad, and the Baffling

NOTE: This will contain MINOR SPOILERS. However, since essentially nothing happens in the movie, we wouldn't worry too much if we were you.


The Boys Are Back: Chad and Troy's adventure in junkyard dancing! This was amazing. Though we feel like it's kind of mean to make Zef dance with Corbin, seeing has how, well... Corbin can dance and Zef... Eh, you've read previous entries. You know.

I Want it All: It didn't make any sense and wasn't, musically speaking, a very good song, but OH MY GOD WHO CARES? The dancing! The costumes! The insertion of the rest of the cast into the Evans' twins elaborated wacked-out fantasies! SHARPAY AND RYAN IN EVERYTHING!

Every single time Chad and/or Ryan is on the screen. Because they're dreeeeeamy.

Continue to Bet On It: We have no idea what Troy's big number was called because we were too busy being amazed by its AWESOMENESS. Basketballs falling from the sky! Rooms rotating! Troy ripping his giant head off the wall! It was FANTASTIC.


Oh my god, Troy Bolton, be a bigger douche. WAIT, YOU CAN'T.

Disney's complete lack of understanding of how scholarships, college admissions, graduation, and anything resembling the real world works.

Not enough Sharpay: It seems like they just didn't know what to do with her. They didn't make her the villain, but then acted like she was, so that sucked. And seeing as how Tizz should certainly win the East High award for Most Improved, her lack of screen time was really sad.

HSM: The New Class. The new kids weren't funny, or charming, or any good at all. The future of the franchise is bleak.


Everything that happened, what the fucking fuck was that movie about?

In conclusion, this carries on the tradition of HSM 1 and 2: the movie is delightful to watch, almost entirely without plot (and what plot it has makes no sense), and full of complete, wonderful insanity.


Allyndra said...

The total lack of plot was kind of startling, considering this was an actual movie and all. I was trying to explain the story to my husband, and I kept going, "And then they do regular high school stuff, like yearbooks and getting ready for prom ..." and "This part was a giant plot hole, but ..." It was difficult making him understand why I still liked it. :o)

Caroline said...

I didn't know anything about the Disney Channel before I began reading your hilarious blog. Now I am OBSESSED, to the point where I saw a preview for HSM3 the other day & peed my pants a little.

For Halloween my girlfriend & I have decided to dress up as Hannah Montana & Miley Stewart, respectively. Here's what happened when I told my mom about it:

Me: "Hey, guess who we're going to be for Halloween! I'll give you a hint: it's something from the Disney Channel."
Mom: "The Jonas Brothers?"